Hana Ali is the
Democratic Nominee for
TN State House District 45!

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Who is Hana Ali?

My family and I represent the best of America. The beautiful thing about this country is that when you serve, you belong. I am running to serve Sumner County in the state legislature.

Who I Am

I'm a trained physician focused on research and the business side of healthcare, a business owner, an entrepreneur, a poet at heart, a wife, and a mother - and I would like to represent you in District 45.

My Values

I believe in respecting our past while moving us forward into the future. I will work hard to earn your vote and even harder to bring common sense back to the Tennessee General Assembly.

Why I'm Running

We need meaningful and thoughtful representation for our beloved Sumner County. This November, the American Dream is on the ballot, and I am running to keep it alive for our future generations.

Making a Difference

I support equal pay and affordable childcare in a state where < 15% of Representatives are women. Tennessee needs strong leadership and equal representation to handle the issues that affect us all.


What's important?

While there are many issues affecting Sumner county and the state of Tennessee, these are the core issues I am campaiging to resolve. With your help, we can create a local movement of positive change together.

   A Vision for Economic Prosperity

Tennessee has one of our nation’s strongest economies. It’s one reason I chose to establish our business in this community and call Sumner County home to raise our young family. Low taxes and a pro-business environment are key to Tennessee’s success. To stay competitive, we must make smart investments in infrastructure. As a small business owner who manages budgets over five million dollars, I know what it takes to manage payroll and grow business. Internet access is crucial for small businesses and individuals. Workforce development is critical to making sure Tennesseans are prepared for high-paying jobs in the modern economy. Hendersonville is the economic hub of district 45, and this will be first time in a long time that a resident and business owner in Hendersonville gets elected to serve in the Legislature. As your Representative, I will make sure that Sumner County gets its fair share of transportation and infrastructure dollars to create economic opportunity for everyone.

   A Right to Better Healthcare

Every Tennessean deserves access to high-quality, affordable healthcare. Due to the state legislatures failure to expand Medicaid Tennessee, many families are now met with the troubling consequences. Eleven rural hospitals have closed their doors since 2010. Hospital closures have far-reaching effects on communities in terms of lost jobs and worse outcomes for patients. We have lost $4 billion in federal funding – money we already send to Washington through income tax. I will work tirelessly to pass Medicaid expansion. In Tennessee, there are 300,000 citizens, including 17,000 uninsured veterans, who cannot wait any longer for our legislature to act. Tennessee ranks #47 in healthcare and occupies top five spots in opioid addiction, teen pregnancy, poor dental hygiene, diabetes, and obesity. With our healthcare dollars coming back to Tennessee, we can help families get the care they deserve and improve Tennessee rankings overall.

   Making Education a Priority

A robust and resourceful public education is the key to economic prosperity. Every student deserves to leave school prepared for the college or career of their choice. As a parent of two children who attend Sumner County public schools, I’ve seen the challenges facing our district and our state. Our public-school teachers and students spend weeks each year preparing for a failed testing program. Our state has spent $30 million on an investment that is not delivering results. It’s time to fix or nix Tennessee Ready. We need education reform driven by the classroom teachers who work hard every day and have not received a pay increase since 2014. As your representative I will work to increase education funding to make our Sumner county schools, vocational schools and community colleges affordable to all students.

   Fighting the Opioid Crisis

The opioid epidemic has devastated Tennessee families and communities. Over 1,600 Tennesseans died of drug overdose in 2016 alone. Behind every statistic is a family and community that has suffered. We must take a bipartisan and multi-pronged approach to identify and address the root cause of this crisis. We can begin by allocating funding from the state’s record-high rainy-day fund to cover treatment and rehabilitation for drug addiction.


Are you with me?

These are some of the incredible organizations and supportive individuals that have officially endorsed my campaign.

  • WTF Logo
    Women for TN Future

    Hana Ali, a first time candidate and graduate of the Emerge Tennessee training program, is running for House District 45 in Sumner county. Hana is a healthcare executive, physician, business owner, entrepreneur, wife and mother. She is running on a platform of expanding medicaid, making healthcare accessible and affordable to TN families. Her vision is to grow our economy with better paying jobs, investing in public education and finding solutions for opioid crisis.

    Official Endorsement Announcement
  • WTF Logo
    Tennessee AFL-CIO

    Hana Ali, a healthcare executive, physician, business owner, entrepreneur, wife, mother, and candidate for House District 45 in Sumner county, received the endorsement of the Tennessee AFL-CIO. The TN AFL-CIO represents over 270 local unions and more than 60,000 working families across the state.

    Official Endorsement Announcement
  • Karl Dean
    Karl Dean for Govenor

    I am delighted to endorse Hana Ali for House District 45. Hana understands what is at stake this November. As a mother with children in our public schools, she understands the importance of making strong investments in public education, and as a healthcare executive and small business owner, she recognizes how critical it is to bring healthcare dollars back to our state, so families have affordable, accessible healthcare. Hana Ali is the right choice for Sumner County.


View from the trail...

Here are some of my favorite highlights from the campaign trail. I've really enjoyed meeting and talking with so many friends and supporters in our community. You continue to inspire and motivate me.






Until Election Day, November 6th

Early Voting, October 17th - November 1st


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